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Porterville Quilters Bylaws

Updated January 2012

Article I: NAME
      The name of this club shall be the Porterville Quilters, hereby called The Club.
      The Club shall function as a non-profit organization in the state of California.
Article II:  PURPOSE
The purpose of the club shall be to create, stimulate, maintain and record an interest in all matters pertaining to the making, collecting and preserving of quilts; to establish and promote educational and philanthropic endeavors through quilts.
Section 1.  Membership shall be open to all persons who quilt or have an interest in the preservation and development of quilting.
Section 2.  Membership will be defined by the payment of the annual dues.  Only paid members will appear in the roster of members.
Section 3.  Each member shall receive a membership card to verify current membership.
Section 4.  A current address and telephone number shall be on file.  The membership list information is intended solely for the purpose of conduction of the Club’s business, and facilitating personal contact between members.  It is not intended for commercial and/or other purposes.
Section 5.  Current dues-paying and honorary members only may vote on the Club’s business, hold office, make motions or be involved in the election of officers.  
Section 6.  Membership may terminate upon occurrence of any of the following events:  a) Failure to pay dues, b) Written resignation by a member.
Section 1.  Any changes to the annual dues may be proposed by any member of the club to be voted on at the general meeting, one month from its introduction to the membership.
Section 2.  Dues are not refundable after payment.
Section 3.  Dues must be paid in full on or before the January general meeting in order to be included in the membership book.
Section 4.  New members joining after July 1st shall pay one-half (1/2) of the annual dues rate.
Article V.  BUDGET
Section 1.  The proposed budget for the year shall be submitted to the entire membership through the newsletter prior to its approval or revision at the general meeting in January.
Section 2.  There shall be a contingency fund for unexpected expenses, the amount to be determined by a vote of the members during the annual budget discussion.
The elected club officers shall be President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer.  They shall serve one (1) year terms and serve not more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same office. 
All officers shall be a member in good standing.  Along with the immediate Past President they shall also serve as the Board of Directors.
Un-expired terms shall be filled by the Board of Directors with the approval of 2/3rd of the Board.  A quorum shall consist of 2/3rd of the existing Board.
Officers will be elected at the November meeting, installed at the December meeting, and assume office at the conclusion of the December meeting.
Section 1.  President
  a)  Shall preside at Club meetings.
  b). Shall preside at Board meetings.
  c). Shall call special meetings as necessary.
  d). Shall appoint all special committee and standing committee chairpersons     unless otherwise provided for in these bylaws.
  e). Shall with the Treasurer or Secretaries, sign all contracts and obligations of the Club.
  f). Shall select an auditor at the November meeting who shall complete an audit of the club’s books and submit a report and recommendations for presentation at the January meeting.
  g). Shall be an ex-officio member of all committees with the exception of the nominating committee.
  h). If the President resigns, she shall submit a resignation in writing and the Vice President will assume her duties.
Section 2.  Vice President
  a).  Shall assist the President as called upon and act as President in the President’s absence.
  b).  Shall schedule, arrange, plan and or verify programs for the monthly meeting and call upon general membership for help as needed.
  c).  If the Vice President resigns, she shall submit a resignation in writing and the recording secretary will assume her duties.
Section 3.  Recording Secretary
  a).  Shall keep minutes of all general meetings and present them at the next general meeting or include them in the monthly newsletter.
  b). Maintain for future reference the Club Minutes Book in current status.
  c). If the recording secretary resigns, she shall submit a resignation in writing and the corresponding secretary will assume her duties.
Section 4.  Corresponding Secretary
  a).  Shall, with appropriate assistance, answer and/or initiate correspondence concerning the Club as needed.  Committee chairpersons are expected to handle their own correspondence under the informed direction of the President.
  b). Correspondence involving polling or Club commitment shall be referred to the Board before taking any action.
   c). If the corresponding secretary resigns she shall submit resignation in writing and the president will appoint a replacement with the approval of the membership.
Section 5.  Treasurer
  a).  Shall collect and deposit all funds received belonging to the Club in a bank or like institution approved by the Board of Directors.
  b).  Shall disburse monies as needed to pay budgeted and other expenses authorized by vote of Club members.
  c).  Shall make monthly report which can be presented at each meeting or included in the monthly newsletter.
  d).  Shall receive, maintain and complete reports and records as necessary to the office and as required by State and Federal tax laws.
  e).  Shall have available all books and fiscal records to be submitted for audit by January 1st.
  f).  Shall sign the checks of the Club which must be co-signed by either the President, Vice-President or Secretaries.
  g).  Shall deliver the Club’s financial records after the December meeting.
  h).  If the Treasurer resigns she shall submit a resignation in writing and the President shall appoint a replacement with approval of the membership
Section 6.  Co-officers
   a).  Two members may share the responsibilities of the office by coordinating the duties with one another.
Duties of the Board of Directors are to draw up a budget to be presented for approval at the January meeting and to present any other business as necessary.  The Board of Directors shall serve without compensation.
All committee chairpersons shall be appointed by the President
Section 1.  Standing Committees
Bus Trips – Organizes bus trips and collects funds for same.


Block of the Month—is responsible for the Block of the Month being presented and collection of Blocks of the Month funds which are turned over to the Treasurer for deposit.


Cradle Quilts—Co-ordinates the making of cradle quilts and the purchasing of dolls in conjunction with San Joaquin Valley Fine Woodworkers project of Christmas Toys for children in need.  This project gives the members an opportunity to practice quilting skills and encourages interest in quilts.


Historian—Collects material on activities of the Club and maintains history books.


Hospitality—Plan and coordinate refreshments and all other details.  Shall purchase necessary refreshment supplies for the regular meetings and the May and December pot lucks.  Appoint refreshment committees for the regular meeting and the May and December Pot lucks.


Inventory—Keeps a list and location of the Club assets.


Little Quilts—Oversees & coordinates the making of the Little Quilts and their delivery to the Community at large and the Women’s Shelter.


Membership—Is responsible for attracting new members, distributing the membership cards, collecting information and printing the directory.


Mystery Quilt—Selects the mystery quilt pattern, collects the money for the pattern, and passes out portions of the pattern on a monthly basis.
Newsletter—Composes and mails to members monthly.  Composed of items of interest concerning quilt events.
Opportunity Quilt—Responsible for Opportunity Quilt design, assembly and completion.
Opportunity Quilt Tickets--Order tickets for the year for the Opportunity Quilt and have them for the February meeting. Have a picture of the quilt for each member to show when selling tickets. Maintain a record of which members have tickets, number of tickets turned in and amount of money collected on the quilt. Coordinates venues for showing Opportunity Quilt.  Ensures that each venue is staffed for setup and take down, and ticket sales.  Responsible for getting tickets and money to venues.
Porterville Celebrates Reading—May create and man a booth at the reading fair to encourage an interest in quilts.
Publicity—Submits for publication activities and events held by the Club.
Refreshment Committee—Responsible for furnishing refreshments, making beverages and cleanup for the month in which they volunteer.  May and December committees will be responsible for organizing the pot lucks, making beverages and pot luck clean up.
Scholarships—The scholarship committee shall consist of three (3) members.  The chairperson shall be appointed at the regular meeting by the President.  The other two (2) members shall be selected by the chairperson.  The committee will be selected in October and will present their recommendations at the April meeting.  The Scholarship Committee will mail out the scholarship letter December 1st to schools specified by the members with a response deadline of April 1.
Telephone—telephone members of items of interest, special meetings or events.
Welcome/Sunshine—Officially greets members and guests and keeps attendance roster, sends cards and initiates the President’s and other gifts.
Section 2.  Ad Hoc Committees
Auditor—Selected by the President at the November meeting.
Bylaws—Shall be appointed as necessary to review/revise bylaws.
Nominating—Shall consist of three (3) members, the Chairperson to be appointed by the President at the regular October meeting, the other two members selected by the Chairperson from the membership at large.  The committee will present a slate of officers at the November meeting.  Nominations from the floor will also be accepted and voted on at that time.


Article IX:  BYLAWS:
These by-laws may be amended at any general meeting of the club.  Notice and reading of such an amendment must be given to members of the Club at the preceding meeting, published in the newsletter, and read at the next general meeting prior to voting.  A two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present will be required to amend the bylaws.
Article X:  MEETINGS:
Section  1.  Regular monthly meetings shall be held on the third (3rd) Thursday of   each month.  Robert’s Rules of Order shall be used to govern the organization.
Section 2.  51% of the total members present constitutes a quorum.
Section 3.  Any vote related to the increase of funds, major outlay of funds, or any major change in the operation of the club must appear in the monthly newsletter and be voted upon at the next general meeting.
Upon the dissolution of this Club, any assets remaining after paying or provision of payment of all debts and liabilities of this Club shall be distributed by vote of the remaining Board of Directors to the General Scholarship Fund of the Porterville College.










Background, Stained Glass Iris Quilt by Karen Talley