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2017 UFO (Unfinished Fabric Object) Challenge Rules

1.  An Unfinished Fabric Object is defined as any fabric project begun or planned that is not completed regardless of size.
2.  Quilty projects must be quilted and bound.  All other fabric projects must be finished.
3.  Be as specific as possible when describing your project on the contract.
4.  Make a copy of the contract for yourself.
5.  Bring and present your completed UFO project during
Show and Tell to qualify.
6.  Pick up and complete a “Completed UFOs” form each month and turn in after Show and Tell to Sheri Cates or Lois Cates.
7.  For each completed and presented item, you will receive a gift. 
8.  All UFO contracts must be emailed (sme_93258@yahoo.com) OR turned in by the March  meeting.
9.  Pledge to complete your projects in a nine month period – March through November.

Let’s get those UFOs out of our closets and get them finished!


2017 UFO Contract


2017 Porterville Quilt Club’s
Vice President’s Challenge

At the March meeting, we will have played Trader’s Dice with Charm Squares.  (If you missed the meeting and you want to participate in the challenge, please contact Sheri Cates)  You should have at least 10 charm squares. 

Materials required for your challenge:
10 charm squares from the Trader’s Dice Game
A song from your teenage years
Misc. fabrics of your choice

Your goal:
Complete a project of any size using 10 of the charm squares you have after playing Trader’s Dice.  Interpret a song of your choice with your fabric and use any additional fabric you need.  You must use the whole 10 squares within your project, though they may be cut into smaller pieces.  Have fun with it! 

Size and project:  NO limits.  Think outside the box.

Projects will be shown at the October Meeting.  Finished is always the best but if not quilted, please plan on showing your masterpiece.